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I live and paint in NYC and use geometric patterns to create bold and bright paintings.  My work has evolved over the past 20 years but elements like high-spirited color, geometric shapes, and dizzying layers remain constant. My painting is shifting from layering geometric patterns on top of one another, to laying them down side by side, allowing them to rub up against each other. Jagged edges collide and the frenzied pattern overload makes for some wonderful eye candy. My geometric patterns are never perfect; there’s always a happy accident. I want my audience to see the mishaps, to be confused about where things end and begin; this keeps their eyes moving and their minds wondering.

I'm available for various creative services, just drop me a line.

I license images of my work & create custom designs for a variety of goods including: prints, fabric, wall paper, sporting goods, cosmetic packaging, etc. I’m always interested in exploring new ways my paintings can be printed on surfaces. Especially in fashion and home decor.

Clients include: Billabong, Crate & Barrel, Haagen Dazs, Hurley, LAQA&Co., Pacsun, Scott, Sims, Stussy, and West Elm.
DVF, Mary Katrantzou & Proenza Schouler - let's talk!

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For over 10 years have released many successful limited edition prints with this trail blazing company.

Haagen Dazs
created custom designs for brand overhaul featured in European & Asian markets

Scott Sports
2 paintings were cropped and rendered onto mens motocross goggles

Sims Snowboards
hand lettered company’s name for use on various snowboards

The Gap
hand painted  in detail 10 Gap jeans and participated in an in-store jean customization

hand painted Urban Decay make-up kits for senior level employee gift bags

Roxie Rudolf
several textile designs were based on my paintings for a line of women’s clothing

a painting was transformed into packaging for a lip pencil and as nail hugs

original paintings were converted onto skateboard decks and pillows